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    Who we are

    Relaxed Gamers is a group of online friends that enjoy playing PC games and hanging out on TeamSpeak. We are adult, mostly in our 30's to 50's and have no intention of dealing with cheaters, trolls, or internet tough-guys. In general, we give respect and expect it in return. Although we mostly play games in the "Call of Duty" series and more recently "The Division", you'll find some of our members also enjoy Battlefield, World of WarCraft, Titanfall, Day-Z, and other games. Relaxed Gamers is home to both men and women, and we don't tolerate those who disrespect our fellow players. We have our own brand of humor and immaturity, but I would encourage you to get to know us before bringing your own into our house.

    Although we have many good players in [RG] our K : D, win/loss, and skill level are NOT important to us. We find conversation while we play to be crucial, and rarely play without being on TeamSpeak together. If you don't like TeamSpeak, don't like to lose (occasionally) or really want to strengthen your K : D, then most likely Relaxed Gamers is not the group for you. With that said, its not as if we like to lose we just don't make it our top priority. FUN > SKILL.

    To join Relaxed Gamers, you need to know us and be like us. For a new member to be added to our roster, every member must give their support for that to happen. Please do not ask for membership unless you already know each of us and have joined us in TeamSpeak and in game for an extended period of time. Its not that we wish to be exclusive or find ourselves to be better than others, its just that our method ensures that we rarely have to remove members.

    The players that are best suited to join us are those who enjoy gaming the way we do. When someone has played with all of us, and we've had time to get to know them, I think there comes a point where we all "just know" that someone is a good fit. You'll likely know when your time is right. Players with a questionable gaming history (VAC bans, offensive names, clan-hopping) will not be offered membership.


    As I stated above, the first step is getting to know our members. This is important as members must approve a new addition. Once you have played with us for a while, joined us in TeamSpeak regularly, and feel you know our members then I would encourage you to share with one of your friends at Relaxed Gamers that you would like to be considered for membership. That friend will then share your interest with the rest of our group. There is no set time limit, so this could take a while. In the end, our members will discuss this and if the members agree then you may be asked if you would like to join.

    Please understand that we don't see ourselves as an exclusive group, but we simply wish to ensure that anyone who joins Relaxed Gamers will be someone who is likely to stay. We are friends who do not wish to see a constant flow of members coming through.
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