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    Connecting to our TeamSpeak Server

    This post is meant to serve as both a "how to" and a "what not to do" for folks that have found us and want to join us in TeamSpeak.


    When we meet new folks in game, we sometimes ask them if they want to join us in TeamSpeak. When you are a guest in our TeamSpeak, we ask that you follow a few common sense rules.

    • We are a group of adults who enjoy playing together. If you are under the age of 21, please do not join us in TeamSpeak.
    • NO Hatespeech. We're Relaxed Gamers, and we're tolerant of many things. This is not one of them
    • Please watch your language. We're no angels, and you may hear quite a bit of profanity, but there is a difference in hearing a few words here and there and using them due to a limited vocabulary. If you don't understand the difference, please save us all time and don't connect.
    • Please respect our members. We don't think we're better than anyone else, but the server is ours and we remove anyone who makes it uncomfortable.
    • Relaxed Gamers is home to both men and women, and we don't tolerate those who disrespect our fellow players. You may think its funny to hit on our female members or talk trash to them, but we do not. We're a family and we're very protective of our own.
    • We have our own brand of humor and immaturity, but I would encourage you to get to know us before bringing your own into our house.
    • Conversations in TeamSpeak are two sided. We enjoy talking with you, but if you're talking more than listening, you're probably annoying someone else.
    • The Relaxed Gamers TeamSpeak is up for us to enjoy. Please don't ask your group of friends to join you here without an invitation from a member. We're here for each other, not to be used.
    • Although we rarely exercise the right, all members have the ability to ban players from our TeamSpeak. Following the above rules will prevent this from ever happening to you.


    Step 1 - Download TeamSpeak from HERE.

    Step 2 - Install TeamSpeak on your PC. The installation is fairly straightforward, but if you need assistance they have a good tutorial HERE


    Step 1 - Click on "Bookmarks" and then click on "Manage Bookmarks"

    Step 2 - Click on "Add Bookmark"

    Step 3 - Add the address and label as shown below. You can also enter your nickname if it is not already there. Click "Ok"

    Step 4 - Click on "Bookmarks" and then click on "Relaxed Gamers"

    You will now be connected to our TeamSpeak Server

    As a new visitor, you will be placed in our "Lobby" channel. You will not be able to move to other channels on your own. The Relaxed Gamers member(s) that invited you to come to our TeamSpeak will be able to pull you down to the channel they are playing in.
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